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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a very important adjustment to keep your vehicle handling properly and tire wear under control. Even a small angle out of adjustment will cause shortened tire life due to premature wear. Properly aligned vehicles can help increase fuel economy, just image dragging the tire sideways as it goes down the street, it causing friction and drag which will affect rolling resistance. also handling may be diminished and that can affect safety.

Properly aligned vehicles also help decrease stopping distance, especially on wet highways by prolonging tread life. As vehicle manufacturers equip more vehicles with on-board driver-assist systems, such as stability control, parking assist, traction control, active steering, lane assist, lane departure, electronic steering systems, active cruise control, more OEM’s now require a steering system reset during alignment service. This is a service that we provide with equipment from Hunter Engineering Company, recognized as the leader in wheel alignment and under car service equipment. It also takes properly trained staff and we have some of the finest with extensive backgrounds of over 35 years in the alignment business.

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