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Steering And Suspension

The steering and suspension system on your vehicle is the second most important aspect of the driving experience next to the braking system. Over time steering components wear and become loose creating a sloppy feel and this may cause drifting or be wandering on the road. Gearboxes and steering racks may leak and also wear internally which could also affect the performance/feel. The other components like tie rod ends, idler arm and associated links, especially the ball joints, take most of the abuse on the highways and back streets of our area. These items should be checked annually for excessive wear causing play or movement. With today's technology and electronic steering systems, these items will actually set a code for us to help in diagnose of these concerns.

Shocks and strut assemblies are a very important aspect of the vehicle and are also considered a safety component. The major task of a shock absorber or a strut is to dampen the suspension movement to help keep the tires on the surface of the road. If these items become excessively worn the tire can actually bounce on uneven surfaces causing loss of contact with the tire and road surface, this can definitely cause braking issues if you don't have a consistent surface for the tire to grip upon.

The shock absorber and strut assemblies also keep the vehicle riding smoothly and allowing you to be able to control the steering system better. These items do wear and most manufacturers suggest replacement at about 80.000 miles or so. We perform replacement suspension and shock/strut replacement with high-quality aftermarket replacements which exceed the manufacturer's original equipment specifications and performance.

And last but not least is the ride height of your vehicle, controlled by a spring or torsion bar as these wear the vehicle will actually start to squat causing the wheel alignment to become out of specification causing tire wear and also creating premature wear on suspension items listed above due to excessive angles by this lowered ride height. We have the qualified technicians to check your vehicles steering and suspension today and advise of any worn components that may be an issue for your vehicle.

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