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Driveability Problems

In most cars produced today, there are systems in place to make sure your vehicle is running properly. There are also systems in place to diagnose problems throughout the vehicle. If you happen to notice any of these issues they should be looked at immediately so you don't create more issues, call us to schedule an appointment:

  1. I have an intermittent "check engine"/"service engine soon" light flashing
  2. My car starts hard or has extended cranking time before it starts
  3. My car idles rough and stalls intermittently
  4. The engine seems to vary in engine rpms
  5. The engine experiences hesitations on acceleration
  6. The engine hesitates on acceleration after it is fully warmed up
  7. I am experiencing poor fuel economy, and occasionally see black smoke out the tailpipe
  8. The vehicle seems to be using more fuel then it hased in the past.
  9. The engine seems to "ping" or "knock" after it is warm
  10. The vehicle is very sluggish and low on power
  11. My car seems to surge at speed or trying to get to speed
  12. The vehicle just isn't as smooth as it used to be
  13. I am experiencing a foul smell out of the exhaust like rotten eggs
  14. My car seems to backfire at times or pops under the hood
  15. My diesel truck is hard to start and has lack of power
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