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Why Get an Alignment in Colorado Springs?

Why get an alignment?

People call it a "tire alignment" or a "wheel alignment", but it's more than that. Your car or truck is aligned when all the parts of the steering and suspension system are lined up right. That makes everything work more smoothly, with less effort. It's worth getting a tire alignment service twice a year or every 15,000 miles. The cost of tire alignment is easily balanced out by the savings in fuel and wear on your tires. It makes your car or truck safer, too.






During the Alignment Check and Steering & Suspension Inspection we look at the following items and report back to you their condition.

Shocks or Struts

Whether a bumpy ride has you wondering if your vehicle needs new shocks or struts, or you just want to explore how new shocks can give your vehicle a boost in handling performance and ride comfort, Car Pros & Muffler Masters will evaluate your vehicle's shocks and help you pick from a wide range of shocks that fit your vehicle and your needs.


Included in your service:

  • Inspect and evaluate shocks and or struts

  • Assist in selection of replacements as necessary


What are the signs my shocks or struts are worn out?

The most common signs are:

  • Tire Wear – Your tires seem to have excessive or uneven tread wear.

  • Leaking – Your shocks or struts are leaking fluid.

  • Damage – Your shock or strut casings are dented or damaged.

  • Mounts – The shock or strut mounts are broken or worn.

  • Drifting – Your vehicle seems to float, sway or drift during turns.

  • Rough Ride – Your vehicle bounces excessively when you hit a bump.

  • Dip – Your vehicle tends to “nose dive” when you apply the brakes.

  • Bounce Test – Shocks and struts can be tested by pushing down quickly and firmly on the front and rear of the vehicle and watching for excessive bounce.


Steering and Suspension Evaluation

Service Description

When your vehicle's steering and suspension systems suffer, your driving experience suffers. If you're having handling problems or notice unusual movements over bumps or turns, or if you simply need a routine evaluation, the trained experts at Car Pros & Muffler Masters are here to help.

Included in your service:

  • Inspection of major components


Tie Rods


Service Description

Tie rods help push and pull the front tires as the steering wheel is turned. They play a key role in the performance of your vehicle’s steering – and your safety. And, like most parts, they go bad because of the normal wear and tear of everyday driving. Faulty tie rods can result in erratic steering, wandering and significant tire wear. It’s a good idea to have the pros at Car Pros & Muffler Masters diagnose steering problems and repair or replace tie rods if necessary.

Included in your service:

  • Inspection & Diagnosis of steering problems


Ball Joints


Service Description

The ball joint is the pivot between your vehicle's wheels and its suspension system. This means they're also critical to safe steering. Clicking. Snapping. Squeaking. Thudding. Many front-end sounds are often symptoms of ball joint failure. Because these joints link your vehicle's wheels to its suspension system, driving around with faulty ball joints is a safety hazard. Come in to Car Pros & Muffler Masters for an inspection today.

Included in your service:

  • Inspection of ball joints

  • Lubricate as needed


Rack & Pinion


Service Description

Rack-and-pinion steering is quickly becoming the most common type of steering on cars, small trucks and SUVs. The rack-and-pinion gear set does two things. First, it converts the motion of the steering wheel into the motion needed to turn the wheels. Second, it provides a gear reduction, making it easier to turn the wheels. Simply put, your vehicle's steering system relies on the rack and pinion to make steering feel 'tight.' Bring your vehicle to Car Pros & Muffler Masters for a diagnosis of your steering system.

Included in your service:

  • Diagnosis of steering system


CV Joints & CV Axles


Service Description

CV stands for Constant Velocity. The CV Joints and CV Axles are found inside a rubber casing called a CV Boot. These parts are found on all Front Wheel Drive (FWD) cars and some Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) cars. Torn CV boots and worn CV joints or axles can cause damage to transmissions and other components. Car Pros & Muffler Masters can check your CV axles on a regular basis or anytime you hear clicking noises when making a turn.

Included in your service:

  • Inspection of CV Joint or Axle







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