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National Tire Safety Week

May 28– June 3 is National Tire Safety Week, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reminding drivers that proper tire maintenance is essential for safety and for reducing the cost of vehicle ownership.


1. Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Over inflation can be just as damaging to your car as under inflation. First, check your vehicle’s manual for the correct tire pressure. Make sure you check pressure when your car has been off for at least three house, as heat can cause tire pressure to rise. We recommend checking tire pressure every month, and before road trips and long drives. Don’t forget to check your spare tire, too!

2. Visually Inspect Tires

Visually inspecting your tires is important, easy and only takes a couple minutes. Look for any objects that have penetrated the exterior of your tires, such as nails, rocks or glass. The sidewall of your tire might show bulges, gouges, cuts or irregularities. Check your tire’s tread to make sure the wear patterns are normal. Abnormal wear patterns can indicate larger problems, like alignment issues.

3. Rotate Your Tires

Rotating your tires regularly can help them wear more evenly, since front tires wear differently than back tires. Check your owner’s manual to find out what your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests in terms of how often you should rotate tires. If no recommendation is listed, our experts recommend rotation every 6000 miles. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure after rotation.

There’s a lot riding on your tires, and National Tire Safety Week is a great reminder to pay a little attention to them before summer hits. It’s also a great time to consider purchasing new tires. If you’re wondering what kind of tires fit your vehicle and driving style best, check out our Digital Tire Journey. It’s a smart way to find out exactly what tires fit your needs best, and lets you compare different styles and price points.

"In a recent survey, Michelin found that 4 in 10 teens in seven major U.S. cities are driving on unsafe tires," said Scott Clark, chairman and president of Michelin North America. "This is a serious threat to everyone's safety, because we all share the road." Improperly maintained tires pose real risks: Of the 2.2 million U.S. accidents each year, nearly 300,000 involve teen driver and are related to tire issues such as worn treads and over- or under-inflated tires, according to analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For more information on tire safety or to get your vehicle checked before your first summer road trip, schedule an appointment. At Car Pros & Muffler Masters, we put your life in drive.


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