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Is Your Vehicle Exhausted? A Discussion About Exhaust Systems, Muffler, Catalytic Converters, and Custom Exhausts.


Exhaust systems have the job of ridding waste gasses from your engine's combustion as quickly and efficiently as possible. This system, whichever you choose, is crucial when it comes to maximizing your vehicle's performance and power. First, your engine generates power with fuel and oxygen, getting sucked into the cylinders of your engine. A spark plug ignites this mixture, causing an explosion within your engine cylinders, this is called combustion. Torque is the effect of this combustion within your engine's cylinders powering your wheels to roll on the road.


Manifolds and Headers

Bolted to your engine head are manifolds with ports attached to each cylinder. They collect exhaust gas from the explosion, routing it to a single collector pipe for an exit. Factory exhaust manifolds are usually made from heavy cast iron. Although they do their job, they don't remove the exhaust gas very well. If you want better performance, you will want to swap your manifold out for an aftermarket version or a performance header. 

Headers collect exhaust gas and move it down to a straight pipe known as a head pipe. This head pipe is the first part of your exhaust system, connecting your header to the exhaust system. The head pipe is where you will find your catalytic converter.


Catalytic Converters

Each explosion within your engine generates a lot of dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons. Catalytic converters are packed with palladium-coated ceramic beads, known as honeycomb and platinum. A catalytic converter has the job of cleaning up your exhaust by setting off a chemical reaction "converting" those dangerous chemicals into oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Catalytic converters have other names such as Cat converter, or a Catcon. They significantly clean up exhaust gases, which make your local emission tester happy as well as the planet.


Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Cat-Back is what everything beyond your Catcon is called and is when things get fun. The Cat-Back system includes the pipe connecting from your catalytic converter to the muffler, the actual muffler, and your tailpipe. The effectiveness and efficiency of the bends, material, and design of your exhaust pipes and muffler dramatically affect your vehicle's performance through power and torque. Cheap stock exhausts often use small diameter pipes to save money; this chokes the flow, reducing your horsepower. Pipes with a proper bend and size provide a more efficient flow, which equals more torque to your wheels.



Vehicles would be obnoxiously loud without mufflers and wouldn't have that high-performance growl that you love. A muffler's job is to reduce noise coming out of your exhaust. It is usually built with a resonating chamber that holds specially engineered baffles and chambers strategically placed, causing harsh sound waves to cancel each other out. Performance mufflers resonate within their chambers to tune and amplify the exhaust notes to sound more aggressive, pleasing with a deeper sound.

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