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Doing It or Doing It RIGHT?


What does that mean exactly? Well, the manufacturer who designs and engineers the vehicle that you depend on every day requires certain repair procedures that may involve procedures that may not make sense to most of us. However, here is the bottom line.


You will hear us often refer to the repair as per the manufacturers' repair procedure or policy. What does this mean for you, the consumer? Well, that means the vehicle is repaired to the original specifications set by the factory.


Many repair shops choose to shortcut or flat rate the repair in the efforts to save time but not you any money. Sure, there are some tricks, and maybe with the proper tooling, you can save time here and there. But, when it comes to the operation of your vehicle, we will not take those chances.


Modern vehicles now have numerous vehicle technologies. An important one is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which helps to increase safety through advanced situational awareness. That is, advanced driver assist systems help drivers in recognizing and responding to hazards on the road. This is not a replacement, but an assist to the driver. Using appropriate inputs for the goal at hand, the drive assist system responds with a WARNING only. Alternatively, you may see a true assist through collaborative systems equipped on the vehicle, including electronic power steering assist, antilock braking systems (ABS), or powertrain management. All of these systems have a very high level of interdependence.


ADAS uses image processing cameras, radar, light detection, and ranging (Lidar), ultrasonic sensors, and electromagnetic sensors to monitor vehicle surroundings and detect potentially dangerous situations(inputs). When a vehicle senses a potentially dangerous situation, the vehicle warns the driver or takes corrective action to prevent a collision (outputs).


What ADAS is not !!


ADAS systems are not a substitute for good driving habits! The systems assist, but not replace a drivers skill and level of control.  


In our September blog, we discussed some of the repair issues we see with vehicles equipped with ADAS. If you are going to make certain your Driver Assist system is working properly and able to help you avoid a collision, you need to get your ADAS vehicle serviced by an auto repair shop that can do it RIGHT! Lucky for you, Car Pros Muffler Masters is the leading shop in Colorado Springs for ADAS repair.


To schedule an appointment for Advanced Driver Assistance System and other automotive repairs, contact Car Pros Muffler Masters today. We are conveniently located at 3015 N Stone Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. If you have any questions, call us at 719-636-1087. You’ll be glad you did!




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