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Colorado Springs Automotive A/C Repair


Have a broken car A/C? Don't sweat it. If your car air conditioner isn't working, our automotive professionals are adept at diagnosing a car's A/C repair problem. Common A/C problems include:


Hot air blowing out of the A/C

Lack of pressure when the air blows out

Failure to blow air at all


When you bring your car to us, our experienced tire, auto service and exhaust professionals can perform an A/C Performance Check to diagnose why the car A/C is having a problem and what needs to be repaired. Car A/C problems can stem from many issues, including a Freon leak from a cracked o-ring seal in the A/C line, a worn out filter / condenser, a loose wire, or excessive heat radiation from the engine. Our technicians will figure out the root of your car's A/C problem.


After diagnosing the issue with your air conditioner, we'll discuss your car A/C repair options. Our automotive technicians can repair all of the components of your vehicle's A/C, including:


O-rings, seals and hoses

Compressors and compressor clutches

Evaporators and condensers

Driers, receivers and accumulators

Switches, controls, modules and relays

Blower motors and resistors



Air conditioner freon is responsible for cooling your car - it's a key component of your car's A/C. Freon is a halocarbon that cycles through your A/C. Freon is a refrigerant that cycles through liquid and gas phases, and works to regulate the temperature of your car. It is important that there is not an A/C Freon leak in your car's air conditioner system, in order to maintain cool air temperatures in the vehicle's cabin when the air conditioner is on.


There are different types of A/C Freon. Originally, R-12 Freon was used in car air conditioners. However, it was found that when a car emits R-12 Freon, it depletes the ozone layer. The Environmental Protection Agency outlawed ozone depleting substances in 1994 and, as a result, R-134a Freon is now used instead.

If you own a car that was manufactured before 1994, you can have your A/C retrofitted for R-134a Freon. A/C retrofitting is one of our many air conditioner repair services. Call or come into our store to find out how we can keep you cool in the car, and the environment safe.



If you're in need of a car A/C recharge service, look no further than us. We offer an A/C Evacuate and Recharge where we void the air conditioning system of old Freon and then recharge the system with new Freon. We then inspect the car’s A/C system pressure and temperature control to make sure everything is working correctly for a car air conditioner recharge service.


If you're experiencing any car A/C problems, we can diagnose the issue with the  A/C Performance Check, wherein one of our experienced, tire and auto service professionals:


Visually inspects all A/C components

Runs a performance test

Performs a system state of charge test

Performs a system control test

Performs a leak test using an approved electronic leak detector




Why does my A/C have weak airflow?

We feel your pain and discomfort caused by weak airflow. The sweat alone is enough to drive any of us crazy. However, there are a lot of factors at play. If you notice reduced airflow early on –rather than later– take the right step and have it looked at before other fatal A/C system damage can occur.

Main causes of weak airflow:

Mold or mildew may have accumulated in the evaporator core from residual moisture that occurs during the cooling process. When this happens, air will have trouble reaching your air vents.

A hose has come loose. This usually happens with the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit.

Ventilation fan is fried. If the fan’s not blowing, air won’t be flowing very well.

Seals. No, not those seals down by the pier. Core case seals, blower house seals or evaporator core case seals; All can open up and diminish air flow. A/C ventilation systems are very sensitive and must remain sealed. Once they’re opened, the whole system is compromised.

Whatever’s the cause of your airflow problems, we have the answer. Schedule an A/C Performance Check.

Are there any system warning lights to alert me to an A/C problem?

Typically, no, but some vehicles have Driver Information Centers (DIC) that may display the status of many vehicle systems. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for more information.

My A/C isn’t as cold as it used to be, what’s going on?

There are several reasons an A/C system can lose its cool. Bring your ride to us as soon as you start noticing this symptom, it could mean the difference between needing a small repair, or worse, a large one. Here’s what can cause your cold air to lose its cool.

The lack of precious cold air could be caused by:

A Freon leak caused by a failed o-ring, seal, hose or component

A clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose

Failed compressor or compressor clutch

Failed blower motor or blower motor resistor

Damaged or failed condenser or evaporator

Vacuum leaks

Failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid

Leaks can be devastating. When an A/C system develops a leak, you have what’s called an “open system.” If you or your technician discovers the leak early, your repair will be less expensive. Unfortunately, if a leak has been affecting your cold air for a while, moisture will most likely have entered your A/C system and may have damaged other vital and expensive parts. Stay cool. Schedule an A/C Performance Check.




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